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Family Owned and Operated Engel Bail
Bonds Sanford located across from the
Seminole County Jail and Court House
in Sanford Florida. Engel Bail Bonds has
been in Central Florida since 1990
helping loved ones and friends that have
been arrested. We are compassionate,  
knowledgeable and have a firm
understanding of the criminal justice
system. We are the closest Bail
Bondsman to the Jail and ha
ve an
outstanding reputation in this
community. Having someone released
with Engel Bail Bonds Sanford is a
simple process. Call our office or come
in and we will immediately start the
process. A small amount of paper work
is completed and the bond is then
brought immediately over to the jail and
the inmates release begins. Normal
release time varies, depending on the
time of day and operations at the jail.
We write bail bonds on All criminal
charges, no matter how large or small or
your situation.
Please call us with any questions on the
bail bond process, Thank You, Engel
Bail Bonds!
We Post Bail in Most Florida Counties!
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1410 Tropic Park Dr.      
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We will be with you through the entire Bail
Bond process and Court case. We will
inform you of all court dates, times and
No Collateral/Engel Bail Bonds
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Owners and operators
Susann & David Engel have
been in business since
1988. We over see all
operations in our office and
you will always speak to one
of us. We are parents and
understand how difficult a
time like this can be. Please
call our office and we will
walk you through the
release process with care,
knowledge and
understanding. Please call
our Bail Bond office now!
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How Bail Works:  

Setting Bail:

When someone is arrested ,most of the time there is a preset
bail amount according to there charge. If there is no bond
set,  they are taken before a judge within 24 Hrs. The judge
will decide whether or not to assign bail. In some cases, no
bail is assigned, particularly if the individual has skipped out
on court appearances in the past, poses a flight risk, or has
committed a more serious crime.

If the judge does assign bail – it means that the individual
can be released from custody until their court date - after
they pay an amount set by the judge. The judge will set the
amount based on the crime, how likely the individual is to
flee, and whether the individual is a repeat offender.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are also called Surety bonds. They are the most
popular form of bail. If the individual does not have enough
cash to post bail, they can use a bail  bond company. The
bond company pays the bond for the individual and charges
10% percent of the bond as a fee with a minimum of
$100.00. The bond company will get the bond money back
if the individual shows up for court.

To secure the bail money, the bond company will make sure
the individual has a co-signer who is capable of paying back
the bail money if the individual skips town. The co-signer is
usually a friend or family member. The co-signer agrees to
the terms and is responsible for the full amount if the
individual dose not show up to court.

David Engel of No Collateral / Engel Bail Bonds, has been a
Florida licensed bailbondsman since 1988. With a diverse
portfolio of services, we offer bonds for every type of
defendant – with no collateral bail bonds and signature
release in most cases!

Our offices are open 24-Hours a day, 7 days week. We’re
here to help and assist you – and using our bail bonds
services is easy, fast and effective. Our Agents are here to
answer your questions and help you through the process.

Don’t hesitate to call or stop into our offices.

Thank You

Engel Bail Bonds !